How To Increase Page View and Traffic Of Your Blog?

Learn How to increase page views by showing different pages to Readers

It is seen in the most cases that visitors visit your blog from various sources including Search Engines, but they leave your blog after seeing a post. A reader visits your blog but there are some common reasons for not seeing other blog posts.By following a few tricks, you can increase your page views. If you do this properly , your blog will get a special value to search engine.

When a visitor leaves your blog
after seeing a post, the search engine think that there is no good quality post on your blog.
So the visitor is not staying on your blog for a long time.

Again those who are using Google AdSense on blog , increasing Page Views is an important factor.If you get more visitors on your blog your AdSense income will increase.

How to Increase Page Views of Blog?
When you write unique and quality content on the blog, you do not have to tell anyone to visit the blog.The contents of your blog will bring a…

What Is The Difference Between and

Learn more about WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org for success in blogging career and for making the right decision.

Before starting blogging career, everyone can't take a right decision. They can't take decision that should they start blogging with WordPress or start with Google Blogger?
Many people suggest to start with WordPress and many others suggest to start blogging with Google Blogger.
As a result, young bloggers cannot reach the right decision.

I will try to answer of this matter properly. Some days ago I shared a post about Google Blogger or WordPress, Which One You Should Use."
Click Here to Read the post

However,it is best to know the difference between WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org before read wordpress vs Google Blogger.

We'll discuss the differences and advantage - disadvantages of WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org in today's post.
Some people think that and is same. But there are many differences between…

Google Blogger or WordPress, Which One You Should Use?

Before starting the blogging career, learn more about the difference and facilities between Blogger and WordPress.

Google Blogger and Wordpress are the most popular platform in the blogging world. There are some different types of advantages and disadvantages of these platforms.In fact, every thing has good and bad two sides. Similarly, there are a few different differences between "Google Blogger and WordPress".But the problem is that when we start blogging, we can not understand which one is suitable for me.Even after taking advice from many persons, we can not reach the right decision.

Actually, you have to decide which one is suitable for you.Because this topic will depend entirely on your blogging type
If you are a personal blogger then it will be one kind.On the other hand, if you want to make a business blog or professional blog, then it will be another kind.

Before selecting blogger or WordPress , you need to know two things first.

Today we will discuss the a…

The Importance of Meta Description and How to Add it on Blogger Blog?

Learn how to bring post in the first page of search engine by adding Meta Description to Blogger blog?

Meta Description is a very important meta tag for optimize your blogger temple.
In order to bring your blog to the first page of search engine meta description and title is a must. Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine overrate meta tag and Title for blog ranking.
Search engines usually display the search results based on the importance of page title and Meta description of any blog according to the blog rank.
In this case,if your blog's rank is as good as the blog post title and Meta Description, it will be get much priority to the search engines.And Search Engines try to show these blogs on the first page of search result.

Even if you don't set up Meta description of your blog properly, search engines, Google+, Facebook and other social media also will not show your blog and blog post description properly. A unique, clean and good Meta Description creates the poss…

The Price Of The 10 Most Expensive Domain Names In The World!

Learn about the world's most popular and 10 most expensive domain names in the world.

In the era of current technology, domain business have become a popular and profitable business.

Just a few years ago, there was only some domain reseller in the World. But with the improvement and development of technology, the domain business has become quite popular in the World. You will get many domain company if you search on Internet.

Many people asked me several times that they could buy a domain from a foreign company because they have no credit card. Again some asked me which is the best company for domain and hosting.
I replied them that GoDaddy,Namecheap and 1and1 is the best of all. Note that I brought my domain from 1and 1. I will discuss about this in any next post-- Insa Allah.

Today I will share with you some expensive domain name and it's price where the domain of good quality is available for only $ 10.
Las Vegas is a city in the Nevada state of…

How to Earn Money From Youtube?

Learn how to earn money from youtube easily.

There are many ways to earn from online . If you wish, you can easily earn money sitting at home. In recent times, the easiest way to earn money from online media is by uploading videos on YouTube.
You can also easily earn money from YouTube. Today I will show you how to earn money easily from YouTube.

You can make video in two ways. The first way is to create video by video camera and upload it to YouTube. The second way is that, you will edit some videos through video editors. Then you will upload the video in Youtube.
But before creating a video, one thing must be remembered that you have to make a good quality video. I mean educational or funny video.

But you can not copy any video or you can not upload any video after a little edit. Then you will get copyright strike. As a result your channel will be suspended.

But YouTube does not support their monetization feature in all countries. They support only some countri…

How to Show Your Posts on Google's First Page?

Learn how to show your posts on the first page of Google search Engine by proper Search Engine Optimization.

Blogger or webmaster will not get enough organic traffic on the blog until the blog's posts are not seen on the first page of Google's results. In the case of online marketing, there is no success without organic traffic.If you can optimize Google search engine properly, it will be possible to get the first page of Google's the search results. When a blog shows its most posts on the first page of search result, the visitor will be increased at rapid speed.

Today I will discuss a very important issues. At present, more than 90% of the internet users use Google Search Engine. That's why if you can show your posts on the first page of Google search results, you will be able to make a good ranking of the blog by getting enough visitor from search engine. Here I am giving some suggestions for ranking up your blog.

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If you share …